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Air Krete Insulation

Air Krete Insulation

Going Where Other Insulation Cannot

Air Krete insulation is the most environmentally safe insulation product on the market today. This proven revolutionary technology excels in performance, safety, comfort and durability. Air Krete is a highly efficient insulation that is pumped into all exterior wall cavities filling where other insulation cannot. Air Krete is injected like shaving cream into the wall so it has the ability to fill around all cracks and crevices to provide an airtight seal.

Air Krete has the highest effective R-value of any injectable foam product delivering significant heating and cooling cost savings. Air Krete is the only insulation in the world that is fire proof, non-allergenic, mold resistant, pest resistant, high R-value, zero shrinkage and has acoustical properties that act as a sound barrier.

Worry Free Service

Streamline Enterprises makes determining the best insulation solution for your home easy. Sit down with one of our trained and knowledgeable staff members to discuss your options. They will help you with the entire process from start to finish. They will even make installation easy too. Contact Streamline Enterprises to discuss adding Air Krete to your house.