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Mid Michigan's Home Improvement Experts
Serving Lansing & Surrounding Area for Over 25 Years!
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Affordable Financing
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Affordable Whole House Insulation

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Affordable Whole House Insulation

Improve Home Comfort & Energy Efficiency

Are you always reaching for the thermostat? Have a room that is cold and drafty in winter and too hot in summer? Streamline Enterprises Inc is a complete insulation company providing energy efficient solutions that are saving homeowners thousands on their energy bills. We can install blow-in insulation in your attic, inject Air Krete in your existing walls and install spray foam in your basement or crawl space. We can provide a FREE infrared scan of your home to determine where you are losing heat and make the best recommendation for your home and budget.

There are 46 million under insulated homes in the United States, according to the Harvard University School of Public Health. Contact Streamline Enterprises to make sure your home is not one. Call us today to take advantage of this month’s special.

Whole House Insulation

starting at

$49 / mo.

Price based on upgrading insulation in attic, walls and bond plate of 1300 sq ft house. No money down. See store for complete details.

Our Insulation Options Include:

  • A High R-value Insulation
  • Reduces the Requirements for Mold Growth
  • Provides a Seamless Air Barrier
  • Restricts Moisture Transmission
  • Adds Structural Strength
  • Minimizes Sound Transmission
  • Does Not Shrink or Settle
  • Energy Star

Ask About Weatherization & Air Sealing Services:

  • Caulk windows and doors
  • Properly adjust/align doors or windows for proper closure
  • Replace or add door weather stripping or thresholds
  • Install foam inserts in outside wall electrical outlet and switch boxes
  • Perform blower door testing to confirm proper sealing of home

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